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It’s not who you know ...

The skills that made your workforce (and your company) successful in the past are not going to be what will lead you into the future.

Whether you are coordinating distributed software development, R&D teams in different countries, managing multi disciplinary engineering project or responsible for sales training programmes, you will no doubt be involved in managing the development and training of your workforce. Technological advancements will require a strategic forecast of critical skills required and a path to get there, either by acquiring (hiring) or organically developing by motivating current employees to train or to acquire skills externally.

Exospect’s solution is designed to address these issues. They can be summarized in the following questions.

  1. do you know what is the complete skill portfolio of your workforce today? Even those skills that are not being used in your company’s process today? How many of those are “hidden gems” for your future needs?
  2. is your current enterprise skill portfolio enough to address today’s needs? What about tomorrow’s?
  3. what are the gaps? Can you quantify the cost of fixing these gaps? Can you find such skills in the market? Can you develop a mass customized upskilling path?

Understanding the breadth and depth of your critical skills workforce will improve current operations and provide key data in designing a future skills development path that returns value to your training investments. At Exospect we believe that it is time to view people with different eyes. We need to see a person and more importantly a network of people as an Agile Skill Portfolio.

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