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It’s not who you know, it’s what they know that matters

Exospect’s methodology ‘Strategic Resource Mapping’ (SRM) provides the engine for ‘Skill Portfolio Agility’. The planning and scheduling of skill resources can be optimised through cross referencing (for instance, team formations per geographic location) in-depth analytics and mapping.

Exospect specialises in transforming the skill sets of knowledge intensive teams and communities into data. This new level of data provides fresh insights, giving management the ability to approach Human Capital management in an entirely different way resulting in higher performing teams and ultimately greater business results.

Investing in micro skill management (hard skills on a granular level) is becoming essential as changing skill needs are leaving employers with unfilled roles. Although there are a range of reasons, low unemployment and the fact that technology is redefining rather than replacing in-demand roles are seen as a key factor. Moving into the 2020s, it is commonly accepted that competition for qualified candidates will soar in knowledge-intensive industries.

To ensure an on-going availability of relevant skills, Exospect believes that Succession Planning of Skills will become a critical competency for organizations. Instead of looking at role succession in the traditional way, we believe in understanding whether we have enough of a certain skill as well as able to ensure continuity of that skill. This means considering the skills that the market is calling for and showing employees the personal benefit of acquiring these new skills. Alternatively discussing with employees that their ‘key’ skill will become redundant and creating a path to a seamless transfer from a redundant skill to an adjacent or entirely new skill.

Ultimately the key is knowing the skills you have today, which skills you will be needing tomorrow and how you are going to get them.

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