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The world of business is rapidly changing as is the labour market. Both for an employer and employee, knowing the skill distribution throughout your organization can offer great advantages.

Heightened competition forces companies to engage in an ongoing redefinition of their product and service offerings. Exospect believes that such agile product and service development will need to go hand-in-hand with a meta-optimization of your Human Capital. In other words, you will need to be able to deploy the right skills at the right level in the right place and at the right time.

To do so, it is essential to know which skills you have available in-house, what the gaps are and therefore which skills you will need to develop internally or acquire. In-house skill assessments and overall strategic skill forecasting will become a critical part of any business.

From both a strategic and an operational perspective, being able to identify critical skill sets as part of detailed skill portfolios offers a better understanding of risks and potential areas of improvement.

Visualising the breadth and depth of skill portfolios can:

  • Create visibility of all the skills that are currently available in-house
  • Determine if there are geographically distributed clusters of key skills (leading to recognition of centres of excellence)
  • Determine if there are skills missing or under/over-represented in the current resource pool
  • Define skills that will become less used/redundant or more needed/essential
  • Create an agile project team configuration process/li>

Analysis of the breadth and depth of skills as compared to skill demands placed by the business enables the identification of different types of vulnerabilities. We define three different vulnerabilities:

  1. when there is not enough depth of a particular skill in the team (or enterprise)
  2. when there is not enough breadth (man-hours) of a certain skill
  3. An extreme case of (b) is the existence only one person who has a key skill which we call “Sole Provider.”

Exospect specialises in simplifying multi-level, multi-skill, multi-segment dynamics by collecting and collating (new) data and creating visualizations that allow a complicated network with intricate dynamics to become easy to navigate and manage.

Exospect’s methodology ‘Strategic Resource Mapping’ (SRM) provides the engine for ‘Skill Portfolio Agility’, a software designed to enable a client to strategically plan its workforce based both on individual and team skill sets. The planning and scheduling of skill resources can be optimised through cross referencing, in-depth analytics and mapping.

Exospect analytics delivers and identifies skill vulnerabilities. The outcome: full awareness of skill gaps in your workforce or skill scarcities that are causing operational bottlenecks. Alternatively, an up to date micro-skill inventory may bring to light a ‘blindingly obvious’ opportunity. Our ‘What-If’ mapping offers you the ability to test strategic options on your network in real-time. Historic data tracking allows monitoring skill changes over time.

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