Network Orchestrating

Our client, 3M asked Exospect to map the skills of their several-thousand strong network of scientists located throughout the world.

Exospect Solution:

Exospect deployed the SRM methodology and created an overall graphical and analytical view of the micro-skills of 3M’s scientists world-wide.

Mapping the knowledge intensive network enabled 3M to orchestrate the network by

  1. Enabling the identification of the smallest number of scientists required that as a team had domain knowledge of all the areas relevant to the project.
  2. That ensured that
    1. the resulting skill overlap decreased the need for detailed explanations between team members
    2. no skill was missing in the conversations, leading to someone always being able to comment on limitations of a given idea.
  3. The final implication was that a much smaller set of alternatives had to be considered for user testing, decreasing time and cost in the process.


Insightful overall view of the micro-skills of 3M’s scientists world-wide.
The availability of a micro skill inventory enabled 3M to orchestrate the network, leading to a more efficient and effective selection of key individuals and associated micro-skills that should be present in the process.
The ‘creation-to-launch’ process cycle of innovative products was shortened up to a factor of 2.

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