Corporate Applications

The people that make up your workforce are more than a job title and the skills they currently use. Each person has an array of active and dormant skills with varying levels of expertise. Having this data can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your teams, upskilling opportunities and skill scarcities that need addressing. Defining, collecting and interpreting this data would take considerable time and effort and the results will very soon be out of date. Exospect has the solution.

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Crowdsourced Organisational Structures

In the gig economy new types of working relationships are taking form. Companies are attracting specialists on an individual basis to become part of a larger ‘virtual’ project team. Now that you have a range of specialists ‘out there’ it would make sense that you knew each person’s range of skills and how they relate to other people in your group. If you had this data you could identify sub-teams based on geography or skills, optimise the use of a specialist or re-evaluate pricing based on the availability of a skill. Collecting and analysing this data would be time consuming and cumbersome and trying to identify relevant relationships would prove difficult. Exospect has the solution.

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Network Orchestrating

If you have a large number of specialists working throughout your company or working for a number of different organisations, being able to know who is doing what and how you can support the knowledge sharing throughout the network is very valuable. The Network Orchestrator will have an overview of the portfolio of skills to define what is missing, be able to pull on the strengths of the community for the common good and the ability to generate synergistic actions. In the absence of such a role, the amount of data and the complexity of the entire network will prove too difficult to visualize and effectively manage. Exospect has the solution.

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Become the Orchestrator of your Network.