Strategic Resource Mapping™ Helping you to visualise and maximise your resources

A unique combination of software and expert consultancy to allow you to harness your network's collective intelligence.

About Exospect

If only you could harness and utilise the knowledge distributed throughout your networks.

Exospect analysis also offers you the opportunity to find ‘undiagnosed gaps in knowledge’. This means that you might not be fully aware of all aspects of a problem or miss a ‘blindingly obvious’ opportunity. Exospect believes that this ‘network blindness’ hinders synergies, innovation and development. Exospect has designed methodologies to not only support the management of your networks but also to increase innovation and to determine what is missing. Our ‘What-If’ scenario maps offer you the ability to test strategic options on your network in real-time.

The range of Exospect services offer solutions to complex organisational challenges,
such as:

  • Cross-referencing resource data across multiple silos and on multiple levels to show efficiencies and create learning.
  • Cross-linking projects to expose potential risks or pinpoint R&D/innovation optimisations.
  • Mapping products or services to show an optimum transformation path.
  • Dynamically structuring a network to allow its members to truly embrace collective knowledge.
  • Creating ad-hoc networks to seize a momentary opportunity to form and embed new relationships during a seminar or trade fair.

Exospect Services

Strategic Resource Mapping™ (SRM)
Real-time analysis of complex insights with its unique dynamic mapping features.

Strategic Enterprise Networks™ - (SEN)
Create dynamic networks consisting of company stakeholders.

Dynamic Membership Networks™ (DMN)
All-in-one solution to raise a collaborative network

Dynamic Professional Networks™ (DPN)
For professional bodies that represent and host membership services.

Dynamic Event Networks™ (DEN)
An instantaneous dynamic network on-line prior to and during a major trade fair or foreign trade visit.


Exospect Features

Our platform enables you to create and react to changes to your network.

Interactive Visualisation

Choose how you want to visualise your data using a combination of tools.

Real-time Analysis

Visualise new synergies in real-time as capabilities and needs change.

Chronological Network History

The ability to look back on changes in your network to enable you to plan forward.