Serendipity by Design

“Just the person I needed to talk to!”

Sometimes it is as if you’ve had a stroke of luck; you’ve been stuck with a question at work for days and you bump into just the right person in the corridor who knows everything about it. You’d forgotten his or her name or where they worked in the company, but you’d met at a sales conference 2 years ago.

Solving problems at work through serendipity happens more often than you think. Building relationships and maintaining that network is important. However, the chance that you can remember everybody you have ever met or the chance that you spoke to exactly the right person with the right skills that you need today doesn’t always go hand-in-hand.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could see who has which skills in your organization? No doubt you have the go-to colleagues in your area, but do you know the range of skills covered by immediate colleagues? people in the neighbouring department? Or what about your partnering department situated on the other side of the globe?

The more people in an organization the more complex it is to identify or even to keep track of who has which skills and to what level and who is on-boarding a new skill or retraining. This lack of transparency we call network blindness. The Exospect Platform offers an end-to-end skills solution starting from taxonomy generation and moving through skill gathering and skill analysis. The skill visualisation feature allows you to view skill relationships through sophisticated filtering options. Patterns in skill distributions can be seen at a glance. For strategic decision making, the Exospect platform offers the what-if feature allowing strategic scenarios to be viewed. Finding a colleague ‘out there’ with the skill or skill set that you are looking for is now only a click away.

Exospect, serendipity by design

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