Orchestrating your community to a new sophisticated level of networking. Actively manage membership retention and growth.

As an association, your key stakeholders are your members, so what do you do when they leave? Surveys shows that the main reason for members leaving is that they simply didn’t find enough value in the membership. According to the 2017 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, 37% of members didn't renew because their employer stopped paying their membership. In that case your association's value was strong until it applied to spending own money on dues. The most disconcerting of the numbers was that 49% of former trade association members left because they experienced a lack of engagement with the organization.

In both cases finding new ways to engage with your members is paramount to membership retention. At Exospect we believe that gaining a better understanding of your members gives you the ability to interact with your members at a higher and more personalised manner. By being given the tools to truly orchestrate your network you can create the cohesion in your association that many of your members deem lacking.

Further, the association will be able to identify weak or non-existent system-wide capabilities, helping focus investment or even create / develop opportunities for investment or mergers and acquisitions.

Exospect has over 15 years of experience developing solutions to create visibility of the interests (and needs) of association members and visualising these. This visibility is the valuable content that can be optimised to detail the services offered to members, create better segmentations of member sub-groups for more personalised messaging, dialogue and workshops. By maintaining an holistic overview of the capabilities and needs of members you can bring members together strengthening relationships and overall enforcing the network.

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