Involve your staff in finding the right skills to ‘future-proof’ them in an ever-changing job market.

The world of business is rapidly changing as is the labour market. The on-going shift of human effort being transferred to technology such as artificial intelligence is resulting in skills becoming redundant whilst in other areas new skills are becoming critical and highly valuable. Anticipating what the skills of the future might be and planning to meet these changes is key to maintaining the value and employability of people.

As people are now having to actively manage their skill portfolio, companies are having to rethink how they relate to their employees. Firstly companies need to work more agile as the requirements for their products and/or services are constantly changing. Secondly, companies are finding it more difficult to find the right skills in the market and are looking how to retrain or upskill their existing staff.

Exospect has over 15 years experience supporting companies to gain a better understanding of the skills and upskilling opportunities in their organisations. Whereas we first started identifying skills and critical skill clusters in knowledge critical employees such as scientists or R&D engineers, today Exospect supports a broad range of clients. There is a clear need to understand the true value of an organisations' human assets and resulting from this, there is an opportunity to connect with employees of an organisation on a new level. If you know the skills that you have in your organisations and understand the current and future requirements of the organisations then there is space for discourse on a personal level how someone can upskill or retrain and improve their value in the company.

Our experience in building micro-skill dynamic taxonomies allows a company to truly understand their possibilities and opportunities and start to incorporate skill resourcing into their strategic process.

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