The Exospect Platform

Dynamic Taxonomy Generator

The platform can adopt and adapt your taxonomy and feed back into the system.

Automated Data Collection

We can gather skill data throughout the organisation with custom surveys and polls.

Dynamic Mapping Construction

Maps are continuously updated by new data

Key Performance Indicators

Areas of skill improvement such as speed of team configurations.

Reporting & Statistics

Reporting can be automated to be sent to named stakeholders.

Advanced Search Menu

Sophisticated search menu allows for in-depth analysis.

What-if Scenario Planner

Strategic tooling to determine possible outcomes of future events.

History Tracker

Compare past maps with current to visualise changes (improvements).

The Exospect platform has been built for flexibility and gives you the freedom to create an enterprise-wide solution that best fits your environment. Features can be incrementally added to meet your changing requirements.

The strength of our technology is three-fold, Process, Integration and Decision Logic. The processes of our platform are built on the principles of our proprietary Strategic Resource Mapping (SRM) methodology. Our methodology helps you to connect and orchestrate people and networks across your enterprise and beyond into partner ecosystems.

The Exospect platform has been built based on 15 years of hands-on experience in the field of skill and networking optimisation. Our end-to-end solution starts with expert consultation to ensure the quality and granularity needed to build a robust taxonomy. From then the Exospect platform takes over.