The Exospect platform has been built for flexibility and gives you the freedom to create an enterprise-wide solution that best fits your environment. Features can be incrementally added to meet your changing requirements.

The strength of our technology is three-fold, process, integration and decision logic. The processes of our platform are built on the Strategic Resource Mapping (SRM) methodology principles. This helps you to connect and orchestrate people and networks across your enterprise and partner ecosystem – from business and supply chain partners to association companies and members.

As our solution will provide critical data for your organisation, the Exospect platform is integration-ready and can interface with most mainstream systems. Our flexible business rules management system provides better visibility for business users with direct access to decision logic. We offer robust change management with built-in versioning, rollback and audit trail.

The Exospect platform has been built based on 15 years of hands-on experience in the field of skill and networking optimisation. Our end-to-end solution starts with expert consultation to ensure the quality and granularity needed to build a robust taxonomy. From then the Exospect platform takes over.