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The Exospect solution built on 60 years of combined experience

Exospect launched in 2016, however this young company rests on old shoulders with the Exospect core team having cumulative over 60 years of hands-on problem-solving expertise behind them. Exospect evolved from a collaboration of 2 consultancy companies and a software development agency. The consequent merger led to the formation of Exospect (the outside observer).

The Exospect solution is built around the research and consulting work of its CEO, Roberto Evaristo. His “Strategic Resource Mapping” methodology, SRM™ has been used throughout the world in companies such as Dell, 3M and NASA. Today Exospect offers a full featured software platform built on SRM™ principles.

The Beginning - Consulting & Strategic Resource Mapping

Roberto was a business school professor in the US for nearly 15 years, including 2 years of European assignments. During his Business School tenure, his consulting and research focused on distributed project management, with extensive experience in Europe and Asia in addition to the US. That experience led to the creation and deployment of Strategic Resource Mapping (SRM™).

" As I consulted and researched with Fortune 500 companies around the world, it became obvious that all shared the same challenge. At the most basic level, I witnessed individuals who did not know what their colleagues on the adjacent room were working on, much less what was their skill inventory. The problem of course just gets amplified as you look at many individual skills creating a group capability within a silo. Even within the silo there is a level of network blindness. The challenge is exacerbated as we consider cross-silo visibility of such capabilities. As I started expanding the concept of “silo” I realized that the largest need these organizations had was a way to create visibility to these capabilities across these loosely defined silos – across geographies, across business units, across functions. That was the beginning of SRM, and the reason for its creation. "

Roberto Evaristo

In 2006 Roberto was recruited to join the 3M corporate strategy group with the mandate of using SRM™ to improve efficiency and decrease risk across business units, organisational functions and countries. At 3M, Roberto was awarded in 2011 the ‘Pyramid of Excellence’ for deploying SRM™ in mobile computing sales, the highest award 3M gives to corporate staff for distinguished service. After the hidden skills and skill vulnerabilities of its sales teams had been addressed, 3M saw a cumulative increase in sales close to $600 Million in under three years. In 2014 Roberto started his consultancy practice and the following year the SRM™ application in Science Technology Parks was awarded an IASP (International Association of Science Parks) global 2015, 3rd place award as “Most Inspiring Solution.”

Ramping up - Consulting & Strategic Resource Management (SRM™)

As Roberto’s consulting work increased so did the demand for more extensive solutions. The SRM methodology was becoming recognised as a new way to explore and understand the dynamics of team networks and to build a skill inventory. For clients this became a true game-changer on many levels. Operationally it became possible to define if the company had the skills available to resource projects and forecast skill needs for the future. By understanding the skill gaps of each sales person, laser-directed training programmes could rectify lost sales due to lack of skills/knowledge; often with impressive results. Strategic Resource Mapping had evolved into Strategic Resource Management.

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